Meet Chef Kristin Costa

Kristin Costa, Chef and Owner

As a chef, there is no greater feeling than to be part of a team that has each other’s back. Not only when the orders start rolling in and the pans start flying but also when you’re creating a new dish and you’re looking for that perfect inspiration to complete it. I’ve created Pinch of Fancy to be the flavors that inspire your next meal. Each hand-crafted blend is a team of individual herbs and spices that were carefully sourced, processed and combined to achieve maximum flavor and quality. Whether you’re looking to create a romantic dinner for two, a family meal that will satisfy the pickiest of eaters, or just a quick pinch on some leftovers, you can trust that Pinch of Fancy has your back. Spend less time thinking about what to make and more time enjoying it.

Chef Kristin Costa developed Pinch of Fancy spice blends to inspire creativity in the kitchen and to prove that anyone can cook a delicious meal when you have the right ingredients. She believes cooking for yourself or your family should be fun, imaginative, and done with love.  An executive chef by training, other spice blends left Kristin feeling like something was missing, all the flavors just fell short. She started researching and experimenting with spices and learning how to manipulate the best flavors from them. Through all of this, Kristin realized that if she wanted spice blends that were created with the same kind of love and inspiration that she put into her cooking, she would need to be the one who created them.  Spices have different flavor profiles depending on how they are prepared. Playing with those differences allowed Kristin to really experience the subtle nuances of each ingredient. 

Toasting whole spices and chilis can bring out the natural warmth or nuttiness in them, but dried herbs just need a quick crush to release their flavor. Learning these techniques helps Kristin create an ever- evolving line of spice blends that will inspire anyone to create a delicious meal with little effort. Kristin’s goal in developing these blends is to make home cooking delicious, exciting and a little exotic without all the extra work. Her blends are approachable, easy to use and developed to take the guesswork out of cooking.  As you’re cooking, you’ll be transported to a spice market, and as you dine, you’ll be tantalized with bold flavors that leave you wanting more.

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