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Chef crafted spice blends made with ingredients that are thoughtfully sourced. All spices are toasted, ground, and hand mixed in small batches for maximum freshness and superiority.

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Our blends are perfectly balanced so you can use a little or a lot based on your taste. Use as a rub, season directly before cooking, or incorporate into soups, marinades, sauces, and braises to make cooking and mealtime more interesting and fun. Developed by a chef over years of meticulous experimenting. These unique blends are all natural with no fillers.

Available Blends:


ARICCIA – 16 oz Shaker
Inspired by the flavors of Rome. Named after the city in Rome famous for porchetta. This earthy blend is perfect for meats, vegetables, seafood, soups, and stews.
Ingredients: fennel seed, sage, rosemary, granulated garlic, coriander seed, kosher salt, chilis, dried orange peel

BARBEQUE RUB – 22 oz Shaker
An ideal flavor combination for all things barbeque! Its unique smoky, sweet, heat combination gives food that perfect barbeque flavor even when you decide it is too cold to grill and you would much rather bake or braise instead.
Ingredients: Brown sugar, smoked paprika, salt, black pepper, chilis, dry mustard, granulated garlic, cinnamon, cumin, allspice, thyme, coriander, ginger, nutmeg, clove, oregano

BERBERE – 20 oz Shaker
A perfect balance of heat and sweet! With unique characteristics such as aleppo for sweetness and urfa biber for a deep coffee almost prune-like umami flavor. This blend creates an interesting depth of flavor without the heat.
Ingredients: Paprika, salt, chilis, ginger, black pepper, fenugreek, cardamom, granulated garlic, coriander, onion powder, clove, allspice

CHEF’S MAGIC – 16 oz Shaker
A blend of tomato, garlic, shallots, herbs and spices that will kick up any dish with just a pinch.
Ingredients: Tomato, shallots, onion, parsley, citrus, chilis, garlic, salt, rosemary, peppercorns, oregano, fennel seed, cumin, thyme, sumac, basil

Flavorful seasoning perfect for fajitas, tacos, chili, etc. Use as a rub for meats. Season vegetables before grilling or roasting.
Ingredients: chili powder, cumin, kosher salt, coriander, chilis, Spanish paprika, granulated garlic, cinnamon, onion powder, allspice, black pepper  

HUMBLE HERO – 16 oz Shaker
An earthy blend of garlic, peppercorns, herbs and spices perfect for a steak, burgers, chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, soups, casseroles, and more.
Ingredients: granulated garlic, black peppercorns, cumin seeds, Spanish paprika, shallots, Kosher salt, dill seed, coriander, rosemary, dry mustard, crushed red pepper flakes, Mediterranean oregano, thyme

KOREAN BBQ – 22 oz Shaker
Pinch of Fancy’s Korean BBQ contains sesame seeds, powdered soy sauce, orange peel, and gochugaru chilis, along with a number of other spices to create a deep umami flavored spicy rub perfect for ribs, pulled pork or brisket.
Ingredients: brown sugar, smoked paprika, salt, chilis, sesame seeds, dry mustard, orange peel, black pepper, garlic, powdered soy sauce, ginger, cinnamon, cumin, chives, allspice, thyme, coriander, nutmeg, cloves, oregano, cayenne

OH MAMA! – 16 oz Shaker
This savory mushroom blend will be your go-to seasoning for adding depth and richness to any meal. Packed with dried mushrooms, shallots, garlic, chilis and herbs, this blend is great on burgers, steaks, chicken and vegetables. Add a pinch to your sauces, soups, pasta dishes and more to kick up that luxurious umami flavor.
Ingredients: dried boletus luteus mushrooms, onions, shallots, dried porcini mushrooms, kosher salt, chilis, thyme, garlic, rosemary, black pepper

RAS EL HANOUT – 16 oz Shaker
A mainstay of Moroccan cuisine, the blend’s Arabic name translates to “head of shop,” meaning the mixture consists of the best spices the seller has to offer. A versatile blend like baharat or curry, this ras el hanout is a sweet, savory, earthy, blend with citrus and floral notes and a slight kick of heat. It is also sodium free.
Ingredients: Cumin, coriander, granulated garlic, cardamom, dry mustard, chilis, black pepper, allspice, orange peel, nutmeg, citric acid, fennel seed, caraway, cinnamon, ginger, mace, clove, star anise, rose petals, lavender

VADOUVAN – 16 oz Shaker
French inspired curry from the Pondicherry region. Great on any protein. Light enough for seafood and vegetables. Delicious in soups and stews.
Ingredients: dried shallots, mustard seeds, turmeric, coriander, granulated garlic, dried onion, cumin, fenugreek, chilis, powdered ginger, kosher salt, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, peppercorns, star anise, fennel seed

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Ariccia, Barbeque Rub, Berbere, Chef’s Magic, Fajita / Taco Seasoning, Humble Hero, Korean BBQ, Oh Mama!, Ras El Hanout, Vadouvan

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