Thanks Mom!

Turkey in the freezer

I grew up in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, a small town with not a lot to do. We had a giant garden in the front yard plus chickens, ducks, and geese. I’m pretty sure the geese met their demise after frequently escaping their pen and wreaking havoc, nipping us kids and bothering my mother as she hung laundry on the line.

When one of the silly geese bit my sister on the rear, my mother ran after it with a broom yelling “let go of my daughter!” It wasn’t long after that when we suddenly had no more pet geese and we had lots of “turkey” in the freezer that all four of us kids refused to eat.

My mom was a good cook. It was never anything extravagant but it was good, honest food. She knew what she knew and she never made anything she herself wouldn’t eat.

There are two things I miss: her spaghetti sauce – which luckily my sister found in the freezer so we were all able to taste it one last time months after she had passed away – and her roast beef. She’s been gone a couple years now but I can still taste them in my mind.

A friend recently asked me if I have ever made roast beef the way my mom did and I said no, I choose to believe that she made it best.

Thankful for simple things

I am thankful she taught me to appreciate the simple things in life like a freshly picked green bean, a peanut butter sandwich on fresh Wonder® bread, eggs fried in bacon fat on a Saturday morning, and of course, grilled cheese sandwiches with lots of butter. If nothing else my mother solidified my love for butter at a very young age.

My mother used to talk about my grandmother’s “ultimate grilled cheese pan” as if it were magic. When my grandmother passed away, my mom inherited it. A few years ago, when my mom passed, my dad gave me the pan.

I couldn’t believe this beat-up pan—that was only big enough for one sandwich at a time and that had a vise grip for a handle—was the same pan my mom had praised for years. Once I made my first grilled cheese in it, I knew I never should’ve doubted it. Perfectly crisp outside with a cheesy gooey center.

Motivated by Mom

After nearly 30 years in the restaurant industry, I was at a crossroads in my career. What to do next? It was memories of her and her love of food, and serving food as a sign of love for her family, that gave me the motivation I needed to start my own business.

And so, I present my spice blends to you with love, in hopes that you love cooking too, and that you will love sharing your new recipe creations with your family.

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