Happy Anniversary, Pinch of Fancy!

I’ve officially been in business a full year, and what a year it’s been! The last twelve months have been a tasty blend of new people, processes and foods, as well as an educational roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Both propelled me forward and I accept it all as a part of my journey toward growth and success. Here are some of my key milestones!

1. Singular focus.

When I started, I thought I would keep working full time in a commercial kitchen and hire a manufacturer to mix and package my spices for me. Turns out it was impossible to continue full time work and give Pinch of Fancy the undivided attention it needed to flourish. Any of you who are solo entrepreneurs know there is an ever-increasing task list: social media posts, videos, blogs, email blasts, setting up e-commerce sites, and selling face-to-face at local stores and farmers markets. I was burning the candle at both ends and realized I had to let go of full-time professional cooking. I thought it would be hard, but it turns out working on a part-time basis and not being in charge is much more enjoyable!

2. ™ Stamp of authenticity.

My Pinch of Fancy logo was officially trademarked on March 1, 2022!  That was an important step for the business on many levels, but personally, it is an important remembrance of my mom. She thought everything I cooked was so “fancy.” Having my logo trademarked feels like keeping my mom’s memory alive and helps me know that she is still cheering me on in spirit.

3. New base of operations.

My home kitchen has recently been registered and permitted to use as a base of operations for Pinch of Fancy. Now I don’t have to rely on an outside manufacturer and I can create new blends on a smaller scale. For me to be able to offer small-batch local chef-crafted spices is more in line with the craft food movement and with what I envisioned for Pinch of Fancy when I started. I have some new blends in the works right now that will be released very soon and I’m excited for you to try them.

4. Embracing small.

For many, selling on Amazon is the Holy Grail, and I thought so too at first. But I found it doesn’t fit with my locally-crafted brand promise, so I made the decision to leave Amazon and embrace the small business ethos. I am focusing on getting my products into more local stores and restaurants and of course looking forward to this season’s farmers markets. You can still purchase my spices online right from my site

5. Virtual Food Summit.

I launched a virtual summit in October 2021 and a webinar in November 2021. I had so much fun meeting people from around the United States to talk about everything from earth to table. I gained some major insight on what it truly means to be a steward of your land and eating with the seasons. It was a pleasure to have those conversations with professionals who are passionate about their work, and to share them with my followers. I was also a guest on a virtual summit in February 2022 launched by Mary Sheila Gonnella, a holistic nutrition consultant and educator. We spoke at length about the different uses of spices and their nutritional values and we cooked together. I plan on doing more of these in the future. 

I’d call that a great first year of business, wouldn’t you?  Keep an eye on my social media for upcoming food events, new blends and farmer’s markets dates. Speaking which, if you haven’t followed me online yet, now is the time! Join my Facebook group called For the Love of Food and start a conversation, or find us on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.

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