Happy Third Anniversary, Pinch of Fancy!

This month marks 3 full years in business for Pinch of Fancy. There have been so many changes since the beginning and it has been a rollercoaster of a ride but I wouldn’t change it for anything. The people that I have met and become friends with and the abundance of knowledge that I have gained through all of this is something that I will never take for granted. I am so beyond lucky to have found my tribe. The artists, and farmers, and makers and chefs that do what they do because they love it and want to share a little of that love with the community.

This year we are making a few new upgrades to Pinch of Fancy. Within the next month or so, you will be seeing 5 more of our most popular flavors going into tins and shakers making them easier to use and store. For anyone keeping count, this means that we are now up to 10 different flavors that will be available in convenient packaging for all of your cooking needs. It also means that these 10 flavors will be available at any of the local stores that already carry Pinch of Fancy spice blends. Of course, you can always get your fancy fix in person at any number of farmers markets that I will be attending this season as well as online from our shop.

Our labels are getting a bit of a refresh this year with a little added touch, and there are beautiful display shelves being custom made that will house our 10 different flavors which will allow Pinch of Fancy spice blends to stand out from the rest on the shelves at local shops, making it easier to find the flavors you are looking for. We also have a local artist working on some artwork to introduce some Pinch of Fancy merch this year. Who’s looking for hoodies, hats, and t-shirts? You can let everyone know you are serious about good food, natural flavors and supporting local by purchasing one of these items once they are available.

Recently, I made the decision to join the Hope & Main incubator program in Warren RI. Doing this allows us to scale up our production, create new relationships with other small businesses, as well as giving us the opportunity to grow our community by offering cooking classes and workshops out of the Hope & Main teaching kitchen. I will be putting together a schedule of events for the upcoming season so stay tuned for details.

These past few months I have had the opportunity to relax and enjoy some downtime. My husband and I went on a much needed vacation to New Mexico and despite one of our dogs deciding to escape from our backyard and be on the run for 4 days giving our son a heart attack, we had a wonderful time enjoying the scenery, food ,and culture. I was so inspired that I couldn’t wait to return to my kitchen where I could play with new flavors and work on some ideas for the upcoming season. 

Keep an eye out for new flavors, merch, and events that will be popping up throughout the season. I look forward to seeing you all at the markets.

Keeping it real in the kitchen,


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